Top 20 NuGet setting Packages

.NET interface for PRTG Network Monitor
This is a flexible TableView specialized in settings for Android / iOS. There are various cells such as (LabelCell,ButtonCell,CommandCell,SwitchCell,CheckboxCell,RadioCell,PickerCell,EntryCell,NumberPickerCell,TimePickerCell,DatePickerCell)
Methode utiles pour le développement C#
Add data attributes to setting class methods to validate input, set default values etc
Android Material theme for preference widgets. Backporting the material look and functionality. Available from API 14. Connecting preference-v7 to appcompat-v7.
A highly flexible set of lovely looking views that provides functionality of Preferences for Xamarin.Android.
Spinner Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference
Color Picker Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference
Managed api for FileZilla FTP server. Primarily for automated user/group management, but all functionallity in the FileZilla Server interface is supported.
A simple way to inject strongly-typed configuration settings into your application via [web|app].config.
Module for Setting based on Entity Framework Core.
Load application settings into strong typed objects with two lines of code. Supports validation, nested objects, arrays, lists and dictionaries.
Controls and utilities for Windows 8.1 XAML store applications.
Simple ini parser: Read/Write from/to string/file. Section inheritance.
A managed wrapper for the most important functions in the Windows Power Management API (powrprof.dll)
Common logic for a generic way of accessing settings regardless of the platform and settings source that is being used
SimplifiedConfiguration makes it a breeze to read the config file settings. It's APIs makes it unnecessary to specify the app settings key and rather derive the key from the property name.
Add code to load and save application window settings like size
Add code to load and save application window settings like size
An easy ini file reading library