Top 20 NuGet serialport Packages

An easy-to-use .NET SerialPort Library.
This package allow support for Serial Port in all Linux flavor Os including iOS for .NET Core. It does implement a System.IO.Ports for Linux and iOS devices for .NET core using standard libc.
Serial connector for Apollo13 projects
Neo Systems .NET Serial port change monitor class
Neo Systems .NET libraries
Serialport binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Dijing.WinSerialPortHelper is a serialport library for .NET
Dijing.WinSerialPortHelper is a serialport library for .NET
Make server application fluently
An NMEA stream parser for serial port, bluetooth and file-based nmea simulation.
Dijing.LinuxSerialPortHelper is a serial port library based on serialportstream .netcore IO related like: serial port DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious test r...
Cross Platform Serial Port Plugin Supported Platforms Netstandard 1.0 Android (coming soon) Windows NET Full 4.5
P/Invoke wrapper for Win32API serial port
An abstraction of serial ports to provide API surface compatibility between .NET Framework and UWP apps.
Neo Systems (Pty) Ltd Windows Forms Utilities
PBX/PABX serial data monitor.