Top 20 NuGet serializing Packages

Collection of utility classes migrated to NET Standard 2.0 from BOG.Framework
XmlSerializerHelper serializes and deserializes any .Net object from/to XML.
SharpSerializer as Portable Class Library Targeting: - .Net 4.5 or higher - Silverlight 5 or higher - WP 8 or higher - .Net for Windows Store (WinRT) - Windows Phone 8.1
Open source .NET library for parsing and serializing RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds.
A collection of utility classes.
An auto-serializing, in memory, optimized, lightweight, persistent database as a drop in to List.
The package of Cascade library. It allows to convert text description to C# object and get data in hierarchical tree format.
A lightweight, fully-featured JSON parser using Sprache
The package of Cascade library. It allows to read text files and convert to hierarchical tree format.