Top 20 NuGet separated Packages

A library for reading and writing CSV files. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use. Supports reading and writing of custom class objects.
Reads and writes CSV, fixed-length and other flat file formats with a focus on schema definition, configuration and speed. Supports mapping directly between files and classes.
Bulk insert from flat files (csv or fixed length) to sql server table, using datareader to maximize performance and memory usage.
Provides extensions to use KBCsv with types in System.Data. Online at
A set of classes to parse delimiter-separated or positional values in lines of text and map them into .NET CLR objects
KBCsv is an efficient, easy to use .NET parsing and writing library for the CSV (comma-separated values) format, delivered as a netstandard 1.0 library. Online at
Provides generally useful extensions to KBCsv as a Portable Class Library. Online at
CSV Export component for .NET
CsvParser is a .NET library that makes it easy to work with comma-separated-value (CSV) files (as well as files with other delimiters). Includes basic classes to easily read and write CSV data, and also higher-level classes that automatically map class properties to CSV columns. The library correctl...
A flexible library for reading csv files
Easy coding of csv parsing. This NuGet package adds easy to use csv features.
This project helps you to read and write CSV (Comma Separated Values) files in your program. Those files are legacy, but many developers still use them because of their readability and because every sheet-calculation program can perfectly edit them. With the classes in this project you can read/...
This library is a simple CSV file parser. It uses attributes on classes that define which of the properties are used as CSV file columns.
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
Read flat files using the ADO.NET IDataReader interface. This project has been retired and replaced with FlatFiles, which is easier to use, supports more file formats and is extremely fast!
A library that help you to convert collections to CSV file.
This is a simple library to read and write CSV files. Simple means it doesn't have fancy mapping to DTOs or anything like that. It's main purpose is to read CSV to dictionaries or write dictionaries to CSV. But to do it correctly (i.e. not messing up when it encounters line breaks).
Lightweight CSV files utilities - RFC 4180. DataTable to CSV. Object to CSV.
Library for loading csv, tsv or other regularly shaped files guess-separated-values.
Classes to read and write “.csv” files including reading or appending a single field or row at a time.