Top 20 NuGet semaphore Packages

Provides easy-to-use mutexes, reader-writer locks, and semaphores that can synchronize across processes and machines. This is an umbrella package that brings in the entire family of DistributedLock.* packages (e. g. DistributedLock.SqlServer) as references. Those packages can also be installed indiv...
Core interfaces and utilities that support the DistributedLock.* family of packages
Collection of useful classes for your .NET application: Object Pool, Thread Pool, Queue Async Processor, BlockingQueue, DiskQueue, ThreadSetManager, Throttling, Semaphore, EntryCounteringEvent, Collections, ReadOnlyCollections, IoC, WeakEvent and other.
Package Description
DynaLock is a library to create and manage locks dynamically in run-time in concurrent software, DynaLock hides all concurrency complexities in distributed systems. Please visit DynaLock's github page for more information.
Semaphore using Azure Storage (based off of SemaphoreSlim)
Semaphore binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
[Portable] A throttling lib, allowing you using a small reusable resources in a parallel way q:
.NET Client for Distributed Lock Manager Server
A distributed semaphore based on Redis.
Use C#/VB await keyword with AutoResetEvent, ManualResetEvent, or Semaphore in .NET apps See examples in README on GitHub:
.NET async/await friendly task synchronization primitives
Message handler Chain
In-process .NET Standard implementation of an awaitable semaphore.
Semaphore library.
BlitzCache is a thread safe cache that accepts synchronous and asyncronous calls being simplicity its main goal.