Top 20 NuGet semanticweb Packages

This library provides functions to open, create, validate, edit, export containers defined by ISO 21597-1:2020. integration with triple stores using dotNetRDF.
ORM Class solution for RDF and SPARQL for .net.
RomanticWeb Json-LD processor.
RDF-Object Mapping for the Semantic Web in .net contracts.
With RDFSharp.Semantics it is possible to realize .NET applications capable of doing modeling, validation and reasoning with OWL-DL/SKOS ontologies
LinkedData ontologies modeled with RDFSharp.Semantics. Actual implementation includes DC, FOAF, GEO, SKOS, SIOC ontologies.
LITEQ is a type provider for RDF data / SPARQL endpoints. It features a property based type provider intended to work with SPARQL endpoints that don't provide any schema and NPQL, the node path query language, that provides a simple graph traversal based query language that gets translated into SPAR...