Top 20 NuGet selector Packages

AngleSharp is the ultimate angle brackets parser library. It parses HTML5, CSS3, and XML to construct a DOM based on the official W3C specification.
This provides common, core objects for the generators, including the Percentile and Collection selectors, with dependencies
Select fields from a object, jtoken or a string (json), don't care if property is in depth objects or into an array.
A collection of extensions for typical WPF scenarios, like Boxes, Value Converters, Template Selectors and other helpful extensions. Commonly Used Types: Boxes Converters: ValueConverter<TSource> ValueConverter<TSource, TTarget> BoolToVisibilityConverter IntToStringConverter StringIsNullOrEmptyCon...
Simple wrapper for Select2 with full support of databases and custom web APIs.
The library allows to create IValueConverter, IMultiValueConverter, DataTemplateSelector, and ValidationRule objects with the most convenient syntax available, ideally, using the lambda expressions.
This provides common, core objects for the generators, including the Percentile and Collection selectors, with dependencies
jQuery selector support for Selenium WebDriver.
Core components for for Selenium WebDriver extensions.
Fizzler Extension for HtmlAgilityPack for .NET Core
![Package is still in development. It works, but is far away from being very stable]! H2o (HtmlToObject) is a parser which parses HTML into objects using XPath, Css or Regex selectors. Selectors can easily be assigned to classes using attributes.
XML parsing with selectors, similar to the sizzle engine for HTML
Facilitates two-way binding of the readonly MultiSelector.SelectedItems property in ListBox/ListView on WPF. There's also a working prototype/example for binding Calendar.SelectedDates using a similar mechanism.
A simple jQuery plugin to show country selector drop down list. Please visit for demo.
Sizzle selector support for Selenium WebDriver.
Fizzler for .NET Core
Derungs.H2o RestEase integration
XamlFind lets you assign classes to elements using StyleId in Xaml in Xamarin Applications and find elements using CSS Selectors. As well as copying elements.
Allows use of paths with the JsonPropertyAttribute. Now you can deserialize a nested object more easily.
WeightedSelector.NET lets you assign weights to a set of choices, then make intelligent decisions based on each choice's proportion of the total weight. This simple concept is useful for machine learning scenarios where choices need to be made based on dynamic factors. Great examples include sugg...