Top 20 NuGet scripts Packages

LocalizeTagHelper for XLocalizer.
Database provider for XLocalizer.
The IronOCR engine adds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to Web, Desktop, and Console applications. IronOCR reads Barcode and QR codes. Ocr Dictionaries in this package: * CyrillicAlphabet * CyrillicAlphabetBest * CyrillicAlphabetFast This package installs IronOCR and also Cyril...
Express localization settings package for dotnet core web appliations. Localize (Views, DataAnnotations, ModelBinding, IdentityErrors, Client side validation errors and scripts) and add RouteValueRequestCultureProivder with one clean step.
A playground for Cake build scripts.
.NET CLI Tool that prints the command-line arguments it receives, to help debug scripts and apps.
Package Manager Console scripts for DbUp. New-Migration [Name] and Start-Migrations commands help to make creating and running DbUp migrations easy.
Extensions for ASP.NET MVC3 (razor) site project with some htmlhelpers, scripts managment (for exsample, better placement), content extensions. Extension create a new layout file in shared folder _LayoutExtended.cshtml with better placed scripts.
Control everything: Visual Studio, MSBuild Tools, CI, and more. Event-Catcher with variety of advanced Actions to service projects, libraries, build processes, runtime environment of the Visual Studio, MSBuild Tools, and … ⚠ Modern Official Packages will be distributed as
Integrates a JavaScript engine to AngleSharp.
MainBrain build scripts.
Integrates a JavaScript engine (Jint) to AngleSharp.
Simple database migrator
sources custom init scripts and includes custom powershell modules in the package manager console
Extends DbUp to provide SQL Server object definition scripting when running migrations from Visual Studio. When a database object changes during a migration, its definition will be saved in the project.
Small (almost cross Database: SQL Server, MySql, Postgres and SqLite) tool for create/delete database, execute queries and retrieve data mainly designed to help to set up infrastructure for unit tests
Bunder is a .NET Core AspNetCore front-end asset bundling manager and rendering handler.
Advanced Evaluator of MSBuild scripts aka Advanced MSBuild with user-variables support through Varhead and more. (name = " - Platform is a (Platform) ") (name += ( …:project )) (i += 1) / (i -= 1) / (name += "str") (( …:( … ))) ...
System-level script objects for testing in JavaScript. Provides an Assert object to support coding of unit tests. -- Released as a zipped archive or as a NuGet package.