Top 20 NuGet scala Packages

The package contains all libraries and resources to bridge together .NET CLR (Core/Framework) and JVM (Java). All information, APIs and examples are available on
Ready made templates to create applications based on JCOBridge. The templates are ready made starting points, all information and APIs are available in the official website
A C# API facilitate access to Livy and HDInsight (Spark) and also EMR.
Implementation of the Scala standard library in F#.
A micro library for coding in a functional style using c#. Features Option<T>, Either<T,U>, pattern matching with exatractors, partially applied functions, scalaz inspired Validation<T,U> and various collection methods like fold and reduce.
LINQ query operators inspired by Scala
Sequences is a port of Scala's Stream[+A] to C#. A Sequence<T> is an immutable lazy list whose elements are only evaluated when they are needed. A sequence is composed by a head (the first element) and a lazily-evaluated tail (the remaining elements). The fact that the tail is lazily-evaluated, ma...