Top 20 NuGet saga Packages

OpenSleigh is a distributed saga management library for .NET Core.
RabbitMQ transport for OpenSleigh.
Base SQL persistence for OpenSleigh. To be used as base for SQL-related libraries.
In-Memory persistence and transport for OpenSleigh.
MongoDB persistence for OpenSleigh.
提供跨数据库访问,分布式事务TCC、SAGA解决方案,支持 .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.0+.
Shuttle.Esb process management using Shuttle.Recall event sourcing.
Sql Server for KnightBus
Implementation of saga pattern for .NET Core
Contains Saga addons for MicroBus
Provides opt-in support for concurrency controls on Rebus message handling. This includes single access sagas (ie. only ony handler for a given saga running at a time) as well as more general handler throttling (ie. Throttling message through put based on types or properties)
Implementation of saga pattern for .NET Core
[Obsolete] Contains the Autofac verion of MicroBus.Sagas
Workflow automation library for .NET
Sapher provides assistance in Distributed Transaction management
Microsoft dependency extensions for ConveyR
Provides advanced saga mapping functionality for Particular Software's NServiceBus Framework.