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Language pack in Russian for Iron OCR C# VB.NET Library. The IronOCR engine adds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to Web, Desktop, and Console applications. IronOCR reads Barcode and QR codes. Images are pre-processed to improve scans with distortion, skewing, low resolution & con...
Supported Platforms: • UWP • NETStandard • XamariniOS • XamarinAndroid • NETFramework Package includes LEADTOOLS OCR Library plus Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, ...
Morphological analyzer for Russian language
Provides declension by case and number of Russian and Ukrainian names and common nouns.
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для System.ComponentModel.Annotations
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для System.ComponentModel.Annotations
Number To Text Converter Money To Text Converter Supported Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian. Supported Currencies: EUR, USD, RUB, TRY, UAH Number Limit: 1 trillion
A more light-weight .Net port of Petrovich - склонение русских фамилий, имен и отчеств. See also official .Net port
NPetrovich is library which inflects Russian names to given grammatical case. It supports first names, last names and middle names inflections.
Library for converting numbers to words. Support only Russian language.
Provides formatting of numerals and countable nouns. Russian, ukrainian and english languages are supported.
This module contains 12 functions: Returns the change, the incoming text in a different language keyboard layout, for example engrus - from English into Russian And return transcription incoming text, symbols of another language, such as engrust - from English into Russian
Package Description
C# bidining for Yandex MystemBinding
Binary library
Automatic accent (stress) prediction for Russian language