Top 20 NuGet rhinomocks Packages

Automock implementation for RhinoMocks using Ninject to create the objects under test.
RhinoMocks auto mocking integration for Stashbox.
Contains a base class for UnitTests that supports testing code that uses the dependency injection pattern.
TDD is dead : only for legacy code that doesn't have HardMock! Record your Mock from integration test when you have lots of Legacy code.
DotGoodies.Testing.RhinoMocksExtensions provides 3 things for behaviour driven unit tests: * A base class for tests using RhinoMocks. * A way to create thread safe mock that can be called from several threads in parallel. This is to fix a well known bug in version 3.6 of RhinoMocks. ...
Extensions for the mocking framework RhinoMocks
this.Log-RhinoMocks is the Rhino Mocks plugin to this.Log logging extension that brings the MockLogger.s
[RHINOMOCKS] .NET C#: Arrange Context is a simple Tool to automatically initialize your system-under-test with mocked instances.
DescriptionLibrary to enable mocking of Entity Framework. Keeps an in-memory store of data
The Maxfire Webstack ASP.NET MVC TestCommons Library contains a bunch of based Extensions.
This package offers analyzers to update RhinoMocks to NSubstitute