Top 20 NuGet rgb Packages

This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion UWP Color Picker, and Color Palate.
A standardised interface for RGB devices and plugin effects used to drive them.
ImageGlue is a toolkit for the creation and modification of still images. It can be used in .NET desktop applications or in .NET server pages. Read and write a host of media formats including: BMP, PNG, TIFF, Fax TIFF, JPEG / JFIF, GIF, Photoshop (PSD), QuickDraw PICT, Targa, QuickTime Image (QTIF...
The RGB Kit Corsair CUE provider.
The RGB Kit ASUS Aura provider.
The core RGB Kit components.
The one-stop C# SDK for NZXT devices.
A C#/.NET library for interacting with Razer's Chroma SDK.
Client for the OpenRGB SDK
A .NET Core library for controlling RGB lighting from NZXT products
This library contains several useful classes: - ColorConverter RgbToHex RgbToCmyk RgbToHsv RgbToHsl RgbToXyz RgbToYuv RgbToYiq HexToRgb HexToCmyk HexToHsv HexToHsl HexToXyz HexToYuv HexToYiq CmykToRgb CmykToHex CmykToHsv CmykToHsl CmykToXyz CmykToYuv CmykToYiq HsvToRgb HsvToHex HsvToCmyk HsvToHsl ...
Open source .NET library for working with color spaces.
Open source library that makes converting and comparing colors easy. ## Supported Color Models: * CMY * CMYK * HSL * HSB * HSV * CIE L*AB * Hunter LAB * LCH * LUV * sRGB * XYZ ...
A library for working with various color models and color conversion in .NET.
General purpose color matrix class
24-bit coloring and VT features for .NET System.Console !
LED animation/information display framework
A Beautiful and very advanced material color picker for Xamarin.Android
A customisable material color picker view for Xamarin.Android