Top 20 NuGet reusable Packages

.NET project to help developers build a correct and more secure domain model by providing building blocks, standard types and trust boundaries.
RobustHaven.IntegrationTests is used for integration tests with Selenium and NUnit.
A collection of tools I thought could be used by others working in a technology role
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Package Description
Package Description
Pipeline Pattern is helpful in dividing the problem into smaller reusable code components. This is a simple yet powerful structural pattern to organize a complex logic into smaller reusable components, which can be added/removed/modified independently.
Ninject container for CommandPipeline library for resolving dependencies in the commands during handling
Allows package authors to supply re-uable mocks for their library
A simple Singleton implementation of Log4Net Logger. Package will add required settings in web.config and add a folder Configuration at root, which will contain config for log4net. It also install Log4Net package. Once installed, we can use it by : CodeNode.Logging.Logger.Instance.Info("Message"...
A collection of reusable abstractions for .NET application developer: caching, IoC, pagination, repository, application services, unit of work, background processing, exception trace policy, work item, etc.
Reuse controllers, actions, views and static files within one application but different contexts.
EMSm is a simple, TDD-testable hierarchical state machine library for .Net, perfectly suitable for developing the behavior of your embedded systems.