Top 20 NuGet resolver Packages

Catel.Core library.
DnsClient.NET is a simple yet very powerful and high performance open source library for the .NET Framework to do DNS lookups
This library adds support for NodaTime types to MessagePack C#.
This is a Dns Server for .NET Core.
Akka testing helpers that help you test the relationships between your actors
Quick start for Autofac ASP.Net Mvc integration, this package will adds the needed dependencies and code examples to quickly started Autofac IOC with the Asp.Net Mvc.
Collection of simple pieces of reusable code designed such that dependencies aren't forced upon consumers of its packages. Package is shipped as source code.
SIoC.WebApi is a the dependency resolver for WebApi applications.
Project YAGL. Native library resolver utility. It helps to resolve cross-platform libraries that almost allways have different names on different platforms.
Simple resolver for simple needs. A (tiny) high speed dependency resolver built for Crosser Technologies realtime streaming framework
Extension library for Castle Windsor container. Decorator Registration, ResolveByName resolver, AppSetting resolver
A wrapper for Registering and resolving dependencies using autofac.
A utility library in .Net Standard 2.1 to add dependency injection to Xpandables.Standards.
Integrate Castle windsor to owin.
The «Expression Library» is introduced to bring the world of «Code Execution» and the «Free Definition of Formulas» in an existing application together. So the primary goal of this component is to allow the applications user expressing any formula of mathematics, string check or dynamic data definit...
Library which translates text representation into compiled expressions for fast execution
This library adds support for LanguageExt types to MessagePack C#.