Top 20 NuGet resolver Packages

Catel.Core library.
Cloudflare JavaScript & ReCaptchaV2 challenge solving library (aka. *Under Attack Mode* bypass).
A wrapper for Registering and resolving dependencies using autofac.
This library adds support for NodaTime types to MessagePack C#.
Library which translates text representation into compiled expressions for fast execution
It is very light weight Dependency Resolver based on patterns & practices - Unity. It can resolve both MVC Controller and WebApi Controller.
Simple resolver for simple needs. A (tiny) high speed dependency resolver built for Crosser Technologies realtime streaming framework
SIoC.WebApi is a the dependency resolver for WebApi applications.
DEPRECATED - Please install ConnelHooley.AkkaTestingHelpers
Akka testing helpers that help you test the relationships between your actors
Quick start for Autofac ASP.Net Mvc integration, this package will adds the needed dependencies and code examples to quickly started Autofac IOC with the Asp.Net Mvc.
Extension library for Castle Windsor container. Decorator Registration, ResolveByName resolver, AppSetting resolver
Integrate Castle windsor to owin.
The «Expression Library» is introduced to bring the world of «Code Execution» and the «Free Definition of Formulas» in an existing application together. So the primary goal of this component is to allow the applications user expressing any formula of mathematics, string check or dynamic data definit...
A MicroSliver dependency resolver implementation for SignalR.
The Drill.DrillBits.Autofac package contains the Drill.DrillBits.Autofac assembly which is used to integrate Autofac into Drill as a DrillBit component.
The Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap package contains the Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap assembly which is used to integrate StructureMap into Drill as a DrillBit component.
The Drill.DrillBits.Unity package contains the Drill.DrillBits.Unity assembly which is used to integrate Microsoft's Unity DI container into Drill as a DrillBit component.
The Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator package contains the Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator assembly which is used to adapt Drill to Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.IServiceLocator interface.
The Drill.Integration.Web package contains the Drill.Integration.Web assembly which is used to integrate Drill into ASP.NET applications and provide resolution of System.Web.HttpContextBase.