Top 20 NuGet relib Packages

Integration with Enterprise Library Caching and Validation.
Integration with WatiN. Concept of Application and ApplicationLifeTimeContainer. Few extensions to Element, IElementContainer, etc.
Integration with ASP.NET MVC.
Generates an image with an obfuscated text string which a user must repeat in a form field.
Easy way to organize a user, service, audit history log.
Applications: console, singleton, service host, timed. Service host installer.
Memcached client with support for text and binary protocols.
Profiling: a single test, stress test profiling in a number of threads using a random sequence. Repository test.
Everything you have in Reusable Library Abstractions that can have an extension is here.
Implementation of Reusable Library Abstractions Dependency Resolver (IoC) for Unity. LifetimeManagers: WorkItem, WebRequest.
A collection of HTTP modules and handlers.
A collection of reusable abstractions for .NET application developer: caching, IoC, pagination, repository, application services, unit of work, background processing, exception trace policy, work item, etc.