Top 20 NuGet relaycommand Packages

Making App Development Easier with a collection of common MVVM helpers and extensions for .NET projects across Windows, Android, and iOS.
Provides core functionality for WPF applications.
Extends the RelayCommand of the MVVM Light Toolkit. Fires the CanExecuteChanged event for the command automatically if a PropertyChanged event of a dependent property was fired.
MVVM<BareKnuckleStyle> - async ICommand extensions
Collection of useful Controls and other stuff for desktop development
Some classes useful in WPF projects (from the book by Jacek Matulewski)
MVVM extensions designed for .NET Standard with support for async commands, MVVM-friendly Object and Task with support for UI notification.
This is a collection of useful Helpers needed when developing applications with MVVM
.Net Standard libary which implements ICommand interface and provides Command and AsyncCommand classes that are tipically used to provide commanding behaviour to user interfaces. This particular library does not rely on CommandManager which is part of WPF, therefore it can be used with Xamarin and ...
The WP-Fx.UI project contains some UI/MVVM related features that are missing in the current versions of the WP7/8 and WinRT frameworks. Currently this package only contains a RelayCommand and CommandManager implementation for all platforms.
This library contains basic MVVM objects: - Relay Command - Window Manager - EventToCommand (Without the need to install Blend SDK and use System.Windows.Interactivity)
Custom implementation of the ICommand interface with the ability to specify keys and modifiers
vBridge extends .NET's GUI capabilities by giving developers additional system features, and increases productivity by eliminating common boilerplate code.
Compact library of MVVM commands. Packet contains RelayCommand, SingleExecutionCommand and SequentialCommand. Examples:
Classes required for MVVM (ObservableObject,RelayCommand,AsObservableObject)
Prism seems to not develop any further ICommand implementation. This lib extends or replaces the existing Prism Commands.