Top 20 NuGet regular Packages

Regextra simplifies tasks typically solved via regex so that you no longer have (problems){2}. It includes a passphrase regex builder, named template formatter, and more!
Parsing with derivatives
Allows creation of Regexes inline using C# objects
FluentRx is a simple fluent regex API abstraction over regex, enabling you to write regex expressions cleanly, functionally and maintainably, and not worry about their godawfull syntax.
Interfaces and base implementation for the Specification pattern.
Utils for .NET applications + Serializers for object to JSON and XML + Object Binder for NameValueCollection to Object + Safe converter for any object type to another object type + Regular Expression patterns for many string format + Extension methods for some actions + Hash utils for crypto + File...
Provides the System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex class, an implementation of a regular expression engine.
Regex Modeling
Library that simplify creation of regular expressions
Regular expression extension methods for string
String pattern matching with readability - 'Coding careers are too short for Regular Expressions'
IBreachedPasswordService calls the HIBP ( range search API and returns the number of times a password has appeared in a known data breach. IForbiddenPasswordService uses locally configured (via config or text file) regex patterns to check for forbidden passwords
High-performance .NET regex engine with predictable performance
Multiple extension methods to ease the determination of regex matches