Top 20 NuGet references Packages

Governance library for writing unit tests to check for forbidden .csproj references. It allows the developer to write declarative rules to steer the architecture within the same application. It relies on having the source code around when running unit tests.
Extends JavaScriptConverter to configure System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer for handling circular references
Copies TypeScript files and build results from referenced projects in solution.
Fody add-in for forcing referenced assemblies to be loaded on startup. This allows other modules to register types without actually having to using their types directly.
This package Contains the Version 11.0 DLLs for TFS
The LookupPicker control extends the standard Picker control about the possibility to show of the names but storing (binding) of the keys. It brings two new properties: ID (bindable property which represents a key value of the selected item) and ItemIdProperty (name of the key property, e.g. "Id"). ...
Provides reference restrictions for projects. Modify the RefRestrict.Config.xml file in to the Solution Items folder to apply reference restrictions that will be checked everytime the projects are built.
Build target for generating a T4 file with a list of assembly directives based on the projects references. References with a hint path and solution references will be listed the file. This file can then be included by other T4 files.
...description will be provided later
.NET Standard library for reading nuget nuspec manifest files.