Top 20 NuGet recyclerview Packages

An Android library automatically adds scroll up button to RecyclerView
A simple to use and customizable scroll-to-top library for Android RecyclerView
Android ReyclerView with fast scrolling and scroll popups
SpringRecyclerView is a RecyclerView with spring effect when being dragged or flinged to overScroll
This is a flexible TableView specialized in settings for Android / iOS. There are various cells such as (LabelCell,ButtonCell,CommandCell,SwitchCell,CheckboxCell,RadioCell,PickerCell,EntryCell,NumberPickerCell,TimePickerCell,DatePickerCell)
RecyclerView snapping example with SnapHelper for Xamarin.Android
Xamarin bindings library for the groupie library
This is a flexible ListView that has a grid and horizontal layout with reusable cells for Android / iOS. This has two layouts (GridCollectionView, HorizontalCollectonView). HorizontalCollectonView can circulate scroll.
It is a library that allows to have a horizontal menu with scroll, based on the RecyclerView class
Full aspect ratio grid LayoutManager for Android's RecyclerView. A drop-in custom layout manager for Android RecyclerViews to layout a grid of photos while respecting their aspect ratios.
BoardView is a custom view that allows you to be able to re-order items in a list as well as in a board. You can drag and drop items between columns as well as drag and drop columns.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - v7 RecyclerView assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Android binding package for Aidan Follestad's sectioned-recyclerview. For more information, follow this description:
Xamarin.Android Binding for VRG Soft's RollingLayoutManager
Easily add and customise "New Post" popup button with the feeds (RecyclerView) of your Xamarin.Android app.
ItemTouchHelper for Xamarin RecyclerView
Xamarin binding for, used by
Admob Adapter is an Android library that makes it easy to integrate Admob native ads (both Express and Advanced) into ListView/RecyclerView in the way that is shown in the following image/animation.
A customized LayoutManager - fade and shrink the head itemView when scrolling.
Android dialog with arrow indicator in the location where you want