Top 20 NuGet realm Packages

Realm.Fody is a Fody weaver used to replace the property setters and getters of your Realm models with Realm-backed ones.
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite
Gets user infomation on realmeye. how to use got to project url and look at example
Templates for Prism for Xamarin Forms. This includes an empty project template, a customizable quickstart template, module template, and item templates for Pages and Services.
Extension Methods for adding JSON APIs to a Realm Instance
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite and ORMs. This package contains just classes for communicating with the offline database. If you're looking to synchronize realm files with the Realm Mobile Platform, add the Realm parent package.
XRS is a service layer for Xamarin.Realm that provides threadsafe auto-increment support for primary keys, data-changing events, and an extensible API for working with RealmObjects.
A complete, ligthweight and self-contained .NET Standard 2.0 offline exception logging library, powered by Realm
An Action/Task Message Pump for running commands on a dedicated Realm thread.
Create a key/value store using Realm to easily store one-off pieces of data. Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite and ORMs.
Realm binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Server side components for use with Realm.
This is an auxiliary package that enables two-way RealmObject data binding in Xamarin.Forms applications.
Xamarin Binding Library - Realm iOS
Blazor Realm middleware for connecting to Redux dev tools browser extension.
An auxiliary package that allows you to create observable grouped collections from Realm models.
Redux state management for
Simple cache for http requests. This package contains IApiCacheService implementation based on Realm.
Some extensions for help you with realm db. Feel free to contribute, any help are welcome
Extension method to deep clone Realm objects. This is useful to unmanage Realm objects.