Top 20 NuGet readability Packages

A .NET Standard library to extract the main content of a web page based on a port of the Readability library by Mozilla. It also determine and gather metadata about the content, such as language, author, main image, etc.
NReadability is a tool for removing clutter from HTML pages so that they are more enjoyable to read.
C# .NET wrapper for the Readability RESTful API
Mozilla Readability (mozilla-readability) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Portable class library for the Readability service.
Portable class library for the Instapaper service. This SDK only allows for the "full API" rather than the "simple API"
The goal of DaVinci is to help you to write better object-oriented C# code. Better means maintainable, readable and testable code. Because DaVinci's rule are very strict, it's recommended to use DaVinci when you exercise programming (e.g. coding dojo). For the currently supported rules, have a look...
This is an upgrade of the NReadability library to the .NetStandard 2.0. Original repository:
Working with dates and time in .NET works great, but I feel it could be more natural to work with them. new DateTime(2000, 6, 3) is less natural than 3.June(2000), isn't it?
A readabilty API for Windows Phone.
A .Net library that makes your code beautiful, explicit and simple. Goal of a project - increase readability of code.
A (partially) legible (G)UID like structure - 'sacrificing long term uniqueness for immediate readability'.