Top 20 NuGet rawrabbit Packages

Enrich the IPipeContext with current HttpContext
Wire up RawRabbit with Ninject!
Write RawRabbit's logs with NLog
Enrich the BusClient with GetAsync, that leverages BasicGet (the 'pull-API')
Configure messages and topology with attributes.
Serialize messages with MessagePack in RawRabbit
Bus Client that is API compatible with 1.x.
Serialize messages with Protobuf in RawRabbit
Serialize messages with ZeroFormatter in RawRabbit
Write RawRabbit's logs with Log4Net
RawRabbit.vNext is deprecated. Use RawRabbit.DependencyInjection.ServiceCollection for dependency registration.
An eventbus implementation using RawRabbit on top of RabbitMQ
A simple package that contains abstractions and data structures for an event bus pattern, as well as an implementation that uses RawRabbit.
John L. Scott RawRabbit Autosubscriber