Top 20 NuGet rate-limit Packages

ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware
ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware.
ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware
This is a C# port of modified version of Guava RateLimiter. See project site for further details.
Super simple API throttling / rate limit framework based on attributes
Throttling middleware for ASP.NET Core
Rate limit your actions and funcs by throttling and debouncing them.
The BrakePedal.Http package provides code to use the BrakePedal library in a Web API application as an attribute, handler, or filter.
ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware
ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware based on Regular Expressions for Urls
The BrakePedal.Redis package contains an implementation of a Redis BrakePedal repository which uses StackExchange.Redis ( for use with the BrakePedal library.
The BrakePedal.Memcached package contains an implmentation of a BreakPedal repository which uses Enyim.Memcached ( to back the repository.
Brake Pedal is a general purpose throttling library. The library provides the following features: - Time based throttling: limit X number of requests over Y time period. - Locking: block requests after X attempts over Y time period for Z time period. - Decoupled storage: you can use the bundled rep...
This library provides an implementation of a token bucket algorithm which is useful for providing rate limited access to a portion of code. The implementation provided is that of a "leaky bucket" in the sense that the bucket has a finite capacity and any added tokens that would exceed this capacity ...