Top 20 NuGet queueing Packages

RabbitMQ broker for RestBus
ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) framework support for RestBus
The CrispyWaffle RabbitMQ package
MailSystem is a suite of .NET components that provide users with an extensive set of email tools. MailSystem provides full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, NNTP, MIME, S/MIME, OpenPGP, DNS, vCard, vCalendar, Anti-Spam (Bayesian , RBL, DomainKeys), Queueing, Mail Merge and WhoIs
Common library for RestBus clients.
ServiceStack framework support for RestBus
ASP.NET Web API 2 framework support for RestBus
Addon hosts for working with Azure Storage queues.
Easy, Service Oriented, Asynchronous Messaging and Queueing for .NET
An Azure Queue Storage provider for Moogie.Queues.
An AWS SQS provider for Moogie.Queues.
An Azure Queue Storage provider for Brits.
An AWS SQS provider for Brits.
Unobtrusive games oriented Message Queue. MQLight was designed for use in games (specifically XNA / monogame), but is thread safe and has been used in business applications. NOTE: Please make sure to call the Update method at the top of your game's update loop. Business applications can simply cal...
In memory provider for Moogie.Queues.
Core functionality for Moogie.Queues providers.
Abstractions package for Moogie.Queues. Install this in projects where you do not need to create a QueueManager instance.
Queue providers implemented under a common interface. Use different queueing services without compromising the integrity and future maintainability of your projects.
Dependency injection extentions for Moogie.Queues.
In memory provider for Brits.