Top 20 NuGet pvc Packages

pvcbuild plugin to run NUnit tests
PVC plugin for HTML minification
PVC plugin for Azure Blob Storage
PVC Plugin for executiong MSBuild build targets for .NET projects.
PVC NuGet Plugin for packing, pushing and updating NuGet packages.
Browserify plugin for PVC Builds
PVC Plugin for executing Microsoft Ajax Minifier.
PVC plugin for uploading files to S3 and then invalidating the CloudFront cache.
PVC plugin for Gzip compression and decompression
PVC Plugin to zip and unzip archives.
PVC Build Engine plugin to execute testcases written for xUnit test framework
PVC Plugin that converts CommonMark files into HTML
NodeJS Runtime for PVC Builds using EdgeJs (embedded)
PVC plugin: Sql
Middleware for building distributed, message-oriented software.
PVC plugin for Amazon S3
PVC Build Engine