Top 20 NuGet psake Packages

Automation tool that allows writing build, install or other workflows in C#. This package automatically integrates Rosalia to your Class Library project.
Core libs for Rosalia framework.
This package provides PowerShell scripts to automatically compile, package, test and deploy your code based on a set of conventions. It is based on psake and consists of a set of psake tasks written in Powershell. There is a predefined psake properties block and a number of predefined tasks as well ...
A Bau task plugin for running tests. Require<Bau>().Xunit().Do(xunit => xunit.UseExe("xunit.console.clr4.exe").RunAssemblies("Tests.dll")).Run();
A Bau task plugin for running NuGet.
A Bau task plugin for running MSBuild. Require<Bau>().MSBuild().Run();
A Bau task plugin for executing arbitrary commands. Require<Bau>().Exec().Do(exec => exec.Run("foo.exe")).Run();
The C# task runner. Require<Bau>().Do(() => Console.WriteLine("Hello World!")).Run();
NOTE: This is a temporary stand-in for Bau.Xunit during the NuGet Casing-gate affair - see A Bau task plugin for running tests. Require<Bau>().Xunit().Do(xunit => xunit.UseExe("xunit.console.clr4.exe").RunAssemblies("Tests.dll"))... is a psake build and deployment extension
Midori includes a number of helpers for common functionality needed during builds, including: * Sql - Create dbs with SMO, execute SQL scripts, backup / restore and copy MDBs. Ship MDBs as part of a build, or run intgration tests against a fresh DB. * HipChat - send notifications ...
Edamame provides powershell functions for common build and deployment tasks. Designed to be used as a plugin with Psake
The build module for psake. It contains a set of PowerShell scripts to make running psake tools slightly easier.
Psen provides convention-based and out-of-the-box builds, tests, installations and deployments for .NET projects. Find more details in readme file on github and an example in the folder packages\psen.\tools\examples.
The honey flavoured psake task automation tool
An example of how to get started with PowerUp build and deployment framework
Psake tasks and functions to build Hangfire projects with ease.
Toji is a bootstrapping project for setting up psake builds.
A set of PowerShell templates for building and deploying projects with PSake.