Top 20 NuGet providers Packages

Leaflet Providers (leaflet-providers) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Xamarin Binding Library - Zendesk Chat
Funciones que utilizan aplicaciones Grupo Macro
AppyWay Configuration Providers for NETCore
Package Description
An improvment over the bundled .NET provider model
Framework for implementing PowerShell Providers.
Integrates CommonProvider to Castle Windsor Ioc for resolving dependencies.
My commonly used utilities library.
Orleans streaming provider for SQS.
AppyWay Configuration Providers for NETCore
A better implementation of ExtendedMembershipProvider with support for legacy MembershipProvider APIs.
Integrates CommonProvider to Autofac Ioc for resolving dependencies.
Integrates CommonProvider to the Unity Ioc for resolving dependencies.
Streaming utilities for Microsoft Orleans.
Store user profiles and roles in MongoDB storage. And allow easy access to use thems from MemberShipProvider, ProfileProvider, RoleProvider in ASP.NET Project on github:
Adds additional OAuth providers for Weixin to use with OWIN and ASP.NET
DD4T Rest Providers
Validate email for common typos and one-time email providers
Package Description