Top 20 NuGet propertychanged Packages

Allows to get an observables for property changed events.
Package containing basic MVVM relevant implementations like INotifyPropertyChanged, ViewModelBase, ModelBase,...
private string _s = ""; public string _S { get => _s; set { _s = value; OnPropertyChanged(); } } The library will allow the code above to be replaced by one line. public Properties<string> Text { get; set; } = new Properties<...
This package only contains a BaseModel class with a PropertyChanged event and SetProperty method
The Mvvm Extensions package provides basic implementation of ICommand interface, base class implementation for ViewModels and a range of other classes that may be useful for desktop WPF application.
Helper methods for implementing and consuming INotifyPropertyChanged.
Reduce your setters raising PropertyChanged to only one line of code.
Schedulers for various platforms that are not shipped with the Reactive Extensions.
Auto INotifyPropertyChanged with Fody and other implementation options.
Tool to add INotifyPropertyChanged support to NHibernate's proxies, enabling their usage with WPF for example.
Let a framework figure out what property needs PropertyChanged fired for.
Behaviors for Blazor. Extract functionality from a Component into a Behavior to make it reusable. Reuse it by adding Behaviors to a Component.
NCommons is a set of several .NET libraries which provide common building blocks that can be used by any kind of library or application. This library provides members for quickly setting up classes which require property change notifications. Commonly Used Types: ObservableObject You can find add...
Suppresses On_PropertyName_Changed