Top 20 NuGet procedures Packages

CatFactory package for SQL Server
This is a dotnet command line tool that generates stored procedures
EntityFramework.Functions library implements Entity Framework code first support for - Stored procedures (with single result type, multiple result types, output parameter), - Table-valued functions (returning entity type, complex type), - Scalar-valued functions (composable, non-composable), - A...
EntityFrameworkCore.Procedure Library is a light weight library to Handle Stored Procedure in a Simple manner. This is extended tool for EntityFrameworkCore.
An extension of MirrorMapper to execute stored procedures by name.
This Library will generate a robust and extensible Search Procedure for SQL Server. It can also generate an Insert Procedure.
Robust Revamp Library
A fully tested wrapper class for querying stored procedures.
Fast and robust layer for accessing databases. SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB, Sqlite and PostgrSQL. Designed for people that prefer to use stored procedures but works equally well for ad-hoc queries. Does not generate SQL statements from LINQ expressions.
The DynamicResultSet library allows you to use the data returned from one stored procedure to populate any number of DynamicClasses.
Database controller, suitable for stored procedures.
ASP.NET based Membership Provider and RoleManager - with Sql database, without hardcoded sql. With use the all ASP.NET version (ASP.NET 2,3,3.5,4,4.5, ASP.NET MVC3, MVC4), for the managing users. All settings (including the stored procedure names) applicable in the web.config membership and roleMan...
.NET Data and Database Extensions
Client Classes for Proc Proctor
Call SQl Database and Oracle like Entity Framework Code first and with normal and async methods - Call Select - Call Stored Procedure - Insert , Update and Delete
Interfaces do Micro ORM Carubbi.DAL
Micro ORM Baseado em procedures