Top 20 NuGet private Packages

Parses OpenSSL public and private (rsa) key components and returns a X509Certificate2 with RSACryptoServiceProvider.
Parses an OpenSSL private (rsa) key component and returns a RSACryptoServiceProvider or RSAParameters.
Provides management capabilities for Azure Private DNS.
ChickenAPI's Packets (Nostale packets) defined over classes
Fast dynamic wrapper for accessing hidden methods and fields of .Net objects.
ChickenAPI's Core abstraction (IoC, Logging, Utils, EventPipelines, Plugins, RPC..)
An about box for VPKSoft software
A build target that pack and publish the project to a private nuget server.
A collection of tools and conventions we like to use for ASP.NET MVC projects powershell module
An easy to use C# implimentation for the private Google Play Music Api (skyjam). Google Music Api allows you to: - View / Modify Playlists - Get Music Stream Url - Create Radio Stations - Get Situtation Data
Private IP (private-ip) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Package Description
PrivateObject allows to access/call private members for any test framework. PrivateStaticAccessor is provided for access/call private static members.
Have JSON.Net deserialize using private setters
Marro Basic Library
Template for a project using Caliburn.Micro, ReactiveUI and MahApps.Metro
Template for a project using Caliburn.Micro, ReactiveUI, Avalondock and MahApps.Metro
Utility library to