Top 20 NuGet prime Packages

Methods and extensions for prime number detection and discovery. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
A .NET library that helps with mathematics and algorithmic work.
ILMerge.MSBuild.Tasks' is a fork of ilmerge-tasks: ILMerge Tasks for MSBuild but with the SetTargetPlatform (""v4,C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319"") parameter.
Written in F# as reusable prime number generation. MIT license open source: Feedback/Optimizations welcome!
Library containing a UInt128 class, and extensions to .Net's built in integral data types. The version targeting .Net 4.5 is implemented as a Portable Class Library. The methods in this library were written with speed in mind. UInt128 operations are generally much faster than BigInteger. Includes an...
Custom BOB for DL Prime
There is: > ISBN10 generator > ISSN generator > prime numbers generator > text bullshit generator > labyrinth generator
MathExtensions is a library for .NET that aims to provide useful extensions methods regarding various mathematical domains, like combinatorics, sequence analysis, sequence generation, sequence manipulation, random extractions, etc.
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The package is the result of the continuous improvement of team in the development with the libraries.
An API to check if a number is prime using fermat's little theorem
Simple Math Library
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