Top 20 NuGet pressure Packages

.NET Core API for Raspberry Pi Sense HAT running on Linux
Adafruit MPRLS I2C barometric pressure sensor with metal port connector
KELLER AG Entities for various purposes.
A modeling of units of measures that does automatic conversion between units for any modeled quantity.
Converter library with many helpful methods to convert proprietary KELLER protocol format data to readable DTOs and reverse. Also converts LoRa-JSON from TheThingsNetwork, Actility/Thingspark, messages with KELLER payload to readable DTOs.
An Adafruit BME280 (Pressure, Temp and Humidity) Sensor library for Windows IoT Core
Use this library for Adafruit I2C Barometric Pressure Temperature sensor MPL115A2. Using is very simple, just call sensor.getPressure() (kPa) and sensor.getTemperature() (C).
Unit converter including Height/ Length, Weight, Temperature, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Energy, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Plane Angle, Pressure, Quantity, Speed and Volume
Open source UWP library for communication with Atlas Scientific EZO devices. This library covers all I2C commands. You can trigger measurements, set temperature compensation, get device info and state, due the calibration, import/export calibration data, etc.
With this package you can convert units of area, time, electric current, length, pressure, temperature and time.