Top 20 NuGet predicate Packages

Package to assist in boilerplate of repositories and predicate building with filter objects
Provides a handful of helpful extension methods for use during verification of Microsoft Roslyn Code Analysis, Code Generation, and so on. The package is intentionally left bereft of specific unit test framework dependencies.
Predicate Builder
PredicateExtensions is a C# utility that will take two Lambda expressions and combine them using .And or .Or extension methods. Expressions be joined at runtime for dynamic LINQ queries. PredicateExtensions can be used with EntityFramework to refactor and create dynamic queries.
Provides predicative and other useful extensions for objects, strings, enumerables etc.
Helpers for making predicates.
Useful functionality for .NET applications.
Enables the efficient, dynamic composition of query predicates linq expressions supporting the logical operators: AND, OR, NOT. It can be used with any kind of entity that need to be queried by a linq expression.
Write reusable filter expressions that get compiled at runtime!
Predicate Helper is a C# utility that will take different lambda expressions and combine them. It can be used with an ORM (like Entity Framework) and it will allow you to create dynamic queries.
This package adds the PredicateExtensions source directly to your project. For the full project, including tests, download the project from github.
A simple library to parse strings into expressions and then evaluate it on a source object.
This package contains some extension methods for Exceptions and Enums. Also contains a PredicateBuilder for Expressions.