Top 20 NuGet podcast Packages

Podcast binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
API to retrieve podcast data from the iTunes Podcast service.
iTunes Podcast Finder is a .NET Standard 2.0 library that allows you to search for podcasts through the iTunes API and get episodes of podcasts from the RSS feed.
Simple UWP client library for a podcast RSS feeds. Primarily used for a music podcasts application.
Package Description
A .NET Library for the Auphonic API
A .NET Library for the PodigeeNet API
Helper class to launch or consume wp-podcast:// uri scheme
A simple library for reading RSS Feeds for Podcasts. Will get basic info for the podcast, iTunes metadata, and a list of all available episodes of said podcast.
Podcast RSS feed parser
Unit test files.
A simple feed generator which can be used to create valid RSS 2.0, Atom and Podcast feeds.
Forked version of Podly.FeedParser which works with .NET Standard 2.0