Top 20 NuGet persiandatetime Packages

ابزار Persian Tools نوع داده ای تاریخ شمسی و تبدیل تاریخ لیست شهرها و استان های ایران Custom Validations Model Binders اضافه شده تعطیلات و مناسب های شمسی، قمری و میلادی به پروژه محاسبه تعداد روزهای کاری در یک بازه تاریخی نمایش لیستی از روزهای تعطیل و دارای ...
PersianDateTime is equivalent of DateTime to use persian date time
Golden.Core is an open source library that contains some useful components for .net based applications (Win/Web).
This package will help programmers convert the ad dates intoSolar Hijri date And Tools for Currency
PersianDateTime class provide using jalili(shamsi) date in app while storing your date as Gregorian date. This component provide Jalili date class that sync with .net DateTime and usefull for storing Gregorian date in database and using jalili date in application.
PersianCalendarPlus is a simple wrapper around System.Globalization.PersianCalendar providing extra functionality such as different kind of date string in Persian and the ability to convert between them.
A dll for converting dates in gregorian, persian and arabic calendar
A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime
A Windows Form Component to use for persian date. It works just like the default windows DatePicker control