Top 20 NuGet permission Packages

Check to see if your users have granted or denied permissions for common permission groups on iOS and Android. Additionally, you can request permissions with a simple cross-platform async/awaitified API.
A Xamarin wrapper binding around Android permission model
Automatically search for permission in AndroidManifests file and request for the same. Also, if request is cancelled it shows a popup window with alert to grant permission. Ported to Xamarin.Android by Rofiq Setiawan ( You can find example on
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework with T-SQL Query Parser which automatically parse select, insert, update, delete queries (row and column level security) based on the logged in user role. It also maintains user interface entitlements like menu, submenu, screen and screen element...
Speed up your work with new Runtime Permissions introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This lib allows you to monitor permissions, check them in background and as well ask for a permission in easy way (callback).
Wrapper of Xamarin Permissions Plugin as Service into StrongBeaver.
This is a library about security management.
Permission module for A.Core framework
Simple listener-based API to handle runtime permissions and with Xiaomi's Permissions support.
Angular Permission (angular-permission) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Authorisation services for role based permission.
The Enterprise Library Security Application Block provide a common abstraction from specific security providers.
Adds permission based authorization capability on the top of Asp.NET MVC Identity framework
Zero Identity is the membership system for building ASP.NET Core web applications, including membership, login, and user data.
Asp.Net Identity permission extesions. Added permissions to roles implementation.
Allows AzMan (Authorization Manager) operation permission checks declaratively and imperatively.
Activity based authorization library for C#
.Net Core Api whitch extends basic functionality of Microsoft Identity by Permission Manager
.Net Core libraty whitch extends basic functionality of Microsoft Identity by Permission Manager
Granular permission-based authorization middleware for ASP.NET Core