Top 20 NuGet pay Packages

Braintree Client Library
For merchants who have built their app on Xamarin platform - Paytm provides a NuGet package for you to conveniently integrate All-in-One SDK.
Fork of the PayNL SDK to support 2020+ (.NET Standard 2)
The Amazon Pay API SDK for .NET allows you integrating Amazon Pay into your .NET-based website or application.
"This package contains all types to communicate with all Pay Insights Platform (PI) in order to make any financial transation with credit/debit cards and other transaction capture modes."
A collection of Data Transformation Objects specifically for use with C# and Apple Pay. Contains DTO's that convert perfectly to Apple Pay JSON objects and helper DTO's for Updating data in the Payment pane.
Contract for the Lykke.Service.PayInternal
PayNL Gateway SDK
GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway API on ASP.NET (C#). It supports Bitcoin [BTC], DASH, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. Integrate bitcoin payments on your Microsoft ASP.NET website! More info
Non-official C# wrapper for LiqPay API (based on Java implementation)
Privatbank LiqPay protocol privat24 payment
This package is an API wrapper class for the PassKit API. It allows you to create & manage your content for Apple Wallet, Android Pay, and other Mobile Wallet platforms. This package does require you to have a PassKit account, which you can sign up for for free at: F...
轮子支付中心SDK(.Net Standard版本)