Top 20 NuGet pascal Packages

Convert different units of length, temperature, speed, fuel economy, frequency, pressure, area and plane angles
Pascal Case (pascal-case) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A contract resolver for Json.NET to make making serializing property names simpler.
.NET standard class library to convert string identifiers to various code casing styles
Ein sehr kleiner IOC Container. Dieses Paket generiert den ordner ioc und fügt 3 klassen hinzu. Es wird keine Dll referenziert.
ViewModelbase and CommandBase
This package is used for getting results from divisions - using div and mod from Pascal. Example: int x = 1; int y = 2; var output = new PascalMath(); string divResult = output.div(x, y); string modResult = output.mod(x, y);
An extensible utility to convert, identify, and flip string case.
With this package you can convert units of area, time, electric current, length, pressure, temperature and time.