Top 20 NuGet panel Packages

The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.
Syncfusion UI controls for Windows Forms provide various layout and input controls often used in line-of-business applications. This package contains the following controls: Card layout: Flow layout: ht...
Visual Studio 2015 themes for DockPanel Suite.
Visual Studio 2003 theme for DockPanel Suite.
Visual Studio 2012 themes for DockPanel Suite.
Visual Studio 2013 themes for DockPanel Suite.
Visual Studio 2005 theme for DockPanel Suite with multiple UI thread support. (Not recommended)
Admin panel for .NET Core apps that give you DB persisted job scheduling and management, beautiful metrics dashboard, CRUD interface, and more!
A panel that slides out from the bottom or top of the screen
Xamarin.Android binding library - SlidingUpPanel
Visual Studio 2005 theme for DockPanel Suite.
A Xamarin Froms control to achieve multi-directional sliding panel/drawer view control.
Generates a Panel sliding up from bottom of the screen for Xamarin.Forms pages Here are three states of the Panel: 1. Hidden Panel 2. Collapsed Panel 3. Expanded Panel Here are all the layers of the sliding panel: -> (Optional) Header Control Layer (Back Button to collapse)...
Plugin Xamarin permettant l'utilisation du MBaaS AppsPanel. Pour plus d'informations sur l'intégration :
GridExtra is a custom panel library for WPF/UWP.
Tabless TabControl aka Panel Manager Project created based on code on Mick Doherty's Page, to easily add on your projects. Decription from Mike's page ( I see and hear requests to remove the tabs from the tabcontrol so often that I decided to create a simpl...
.Net library for building FOP2 clients
Panel with ability to expand and collapse
The SplitterPanel WebControl splits page content between two seperate and scrollable areas with a moveable divider in between. The control provides several client side events and supports recent versions of IE, FireFox, and Chrome.
This library contains many controls inspired by the official Facebook app on Windows Phone. You will find several controls : - The SlideView, a control allowing to slide between panels (2 or many more) - The SlideApplicationFrame, a control to use at top app level and packaged to d...