Top 20 NuGet override Packages

Overrides the default Select Rendering Shell with a tabbed view. Based on blog post by Kacper Chomicz, Software Engineer at cognified Requires Sitecore 6.x.
The EqualityDefinition class simplifies the process of changing the meaning of equality for a type.
NuGetPackageFolderOverride - a way to override your packages folder. NOTE: Unsupported functionality. There be dragons in there! You've been warned.
Deprecated in NuGet v1.4 - NuGetPackageUpdater - global update of a package in a solution or all packages that have updates. This applies a global update of packages to your solution. Every project that is using a package is upgraded to the latest. Please run 'Update-Package' to upgrade all packag...
Simple factory with fluent interface: thin, easy, testable. This is a slave factory, which can be derived from the base factory to provide additional getters also with possibility to override base getters.
Proteus.Utility.Configuration is a library that abstracts reading config values from e.g., app.config/web.config and supports their being overridden by ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES and/or a local.settings.json files.