Top 20 NuGet overlay Packages

Stock Indicators for .NET. Send in historical price quotes and get back desired technical indicators such as Stochastic RSI, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, etc. Nothing more.
Watermark and overlay adorners for WPF.
Add blur overlay with semi transparent dark overlay as backdrop for dialogs, messages, modals, etc. Blur the entire application screen to focus user's attention to the dialog that has appeared.
Dynamically apply an unlimited number of image and text over and under-lays with WPF-style layout. Docs: Support: Requires license, see ## 30+ plugins available Search 'ImageResizer' on ...
Easily resize and crop images, add text watermark, add text outline, add image watermark with transparency, etc. Supports all .NetStandard2.0 compatible platforms (Asp.Net Core all versions and more...)
A library to create transparent overlays on the windows machines.
An easy to use Direct2D1 drawing library with the ability to create transparent click-through windows.
Android library for progress component with coloured overlay. Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export" as reference.
MvvmCross plugin for creating Android overlay views and show/close it with NavigationService
Class library for accelerating Xamarin.Android development. Note: If you encounter layout inflation exceptions (could be masked as NotFoundException, or some issue with text_color_secondary.xml etc), make sure you define colorControlNormal and use a style with that attribute defined.
.NET Core bindings to Valve's wonderful Steamworks API
InplaceEditBoxLib provides a WPF overlay textbox control Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
WPF/MVVM control to implement a textbox and combobox with a watermark (a faded label inside the text editing area).
A .Net Standard library which you can plug into to project and draw gridded overlays onto you images. Please note, Death Socket uses System.Drawing brushes and not System.Media brushes.
Simple topmost semi-transparent window using MonoGame
Yato.DirectXOverlay offers an easy to use interface for basic Direct2D drawing on any Window. You can also create transparent windows to do your drawing on top of any other window. Transparent windows optionally stick to their parent.
Custom implementation of LazZiya.ImageResize on top of System.Drawing (
Simple overlay instructions for your apps.