Top 20 NuGet osm Packages

This pretty little project is intended to provide the 3 basic data types (nodes, ways and relations) of OpenStreetMap as .NET classes
This is the BSON-Extension for the OSMDataPrimitives project
This is the Spatial-Extension for the OSMDataPrimitives project
This project provides reading and writing capabilities of O5M Data.
Completed nested geo objects from OSM-PBF. Saving RAM and caching the results.
.Net types for the OSM API JSON format
This Package contains a extensible Map Control for Universal Windows Apps (Windows Phone, Desktop, Tablet, UWP etc.) Supported Maps: - OpenStreetMap - Google - Custom
Package to host OsmSharp routing services in a NancyFX application.
.NET Wrapper for OSRM library
Add-on for the SpatialLite library that adds support for OpenStreetMap data formats.
Unified Places search library for MapKit (iOS), Google, HERE and OpenStreetMaps Nominatim.
MapsJS is a free JavaScript library for enhancing the presentation of your data using map visualization. MapsJS is much more than your average map control. It is a comprehensive geospatial JavaScript library for server and client based map rendering, digitizing, and spatial analysis. MapsJS has supp...
Open streetmap editor for Umbraco
OsmSharp.API is a clone of the OSM-API.
Itinero.ui is a map component optimized for routing on mobile applications
A toolkit that makes it easy to access the OSM Geocoding (forward and reverse) and address lookup Nominatim REST service from .NET
An OSM replication package for OsmSharp.