Top 20 NuGet osm Packages

Itinero - Routing for .NET.
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.OpenStreetMap is based on .NET Framework. It is a layer extension is an extension to the Map Suite product line, see below for compatibility. This extension provides the ability to load and render Open Street Map online resources on maps. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborat...
Aspose.GIS for .NET is designed specifically to make it easy for .NET developers to work with geospatial data stored in various file formats. It lets you create, read, convert geographic data and render maps without having to install any other GIS software. Visit our support forum: https://fo...
Itinero.IO.Osm - OpenStreetMap data IO.
BruTile is a C# library for GIS tile services such as those of Bing maps and OpenStreetMap
Itinero.Geo - A bridge between Itinero and NTS.
An OpenStreetMap (OSM) library for .NET.
OsmSharp.Geo enables using OSM-data in NTS.
Itinero.IO.Shape - Reads routing networks from shapefiles.
Complete OSM objects. It makes many requests to PBF, then it collects all the data and caches them.
Extensions for BruTile that require the full .Net Framework
Library for utilizing geocoding (forward and reverse), in addition to address lookups, with the Nominatim HTTP API.
Package to host OsmSharp routing services in a NancyFX application.
OsmSharp an OpenStreetMap (OSM) library for .NET.
Open streetmap editor for Umbraco
A binary IO package for OsmSharp.
Extensions for BruTile that require the full .Net Framework
Mapsui - Library for mapping
.NET Wrapper for OSRM library
OsmSharp is an open-source mapping project.