Top 20 NuGet optional Packages

Refit based web api client management, but resilient (retry, connectivity, cache, auth, log, priority, etc...)
Yet another Maybe! This Maybe is an immutable monad type with enhancements for functional programming in C#. It implements several IEquatable and IComparable to nestle smoothly into existing code.
The library for things that may or may not exist. Existential is a utility library that contains parameter validation methods, a Maybe monad, and more. It can be used to work effectively with nulls, to efficiently resolve Code Analysis issues CA1062 and CA2000, to help generate a hash code, and to ...
An AutoFixture customization that allows AutoFixture to create Optional specimens.
A set of assertions for FluentAssertions which provides strong-typed assertions for instances of Optional.
Contains some useful interface definitions and implementations classes for .Net.
Async extensions for Nils Lück's Optional library.
A robust option type for C#.
Common Infrastructure classes
An Option type for C# (retargeted for netstandard). Forked from See for documentation.
Provides a class and a few extension methods to facilitate common operations with values that may or may not exist. Traditionally, programmers often use `null` references to represent values that "aren't there", but the problem is that this was never their intended purpose. - Languages like C# do...
Maybe/Optional monad implementation for C#. For more information see
Extension methods and other objects for integrating the Optional# Optional type into .NET.
Provides support polymorphic types in C#, such as Covariant and Invariant Maybe (Optional) types, and type unions.
Yet another implementation of an option/optional type for .NET. An Optional type explicitly represents the type of a value that may or may not exist. While you can do this with nulls, that has many drawbacks. Some of the benefits of this library over some others include comprehensive equality supp...
A simple and easy to use option type for C#.
A .NET Core implementation of the Java Optional class.
Contains some useful interface definitions and implementations classes for .Net.
A utility library in .Net Standard 2.1 to easily add patterns such as Command, Query, Dispatcher, Interception..and use of Optional.
This package provides the Bud.Option type.