Top 20 NuGet ooui Packages

Small cross-platform UI library for .NET that uses web technologies.
Xamarin.Forms backend for the web using Ooui technologies.
WebAssembly support for Ooui apps
ASP.NET Core MVC extensions to make working with Ooui easy.
Frogui allows creation of WPF/UWP-inspired XAML applications that run natively on the web, all developed using C# and .NET within Visual Studio. Running native .NET components in a browser is made possible using the revolutionary WebAssembly standard and Microsoft's Mono for WebAssembly technology. ...
The default presentation template for Running Objects that is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Running Objects is a framework that allows you to use simple OO concepts, focus on your business domain and do not waste time with areas that are not relevant to your application. You will build better software, with less time and with no pain. It’s built on top of ASP.NET MVC using a refined...