Top 20 NuGet omnicx Packages

OmniCX WebStore Core contains the Controllers, API SDK and Models required to run the MVC Views of the WebStore.
OmniCX Backend Framework includes methods/classes for OrgAPI and Microservices Authentication helper classes.
OmniCX SDK Core contains API SDK and Models required to run the make the api calls
OmniCX API Authentication contains the authentication filters for the client applications consuming the OmniCX APIs.
OmniCX entities includes all the core entities used accross the backend applications
OmniCX Payment Gateway Service
OmniCX Shipping Package encapsulates the integrations with DPD and other shipping providers to generate shipping labels and other .
Omnicx WebStore Framework encapsulates lot of functionalities for Angular helpers, automatic form generation, validations, Email Templates, MVC Model Meta Data Extensions, Better Json Handling, Custom Attributes.
The package provides OAuthHelper for enabling Social Logins in Omnicx WebStore
OmniCX Client SDK encapsulates the REST API calls to the OmniCX API and provides a simplistic implementation in the front end application.
Helper class to upload / download files from Azure Blob and supports CRUD operations for Azure Table
OmniCX Backend Interfaces includes the interfaces used by different implementation services
Model Classes for Omnicx WebStore
Wrapper class for PCA API. As of now provides methods for Capture Interactive Find (v1.00) and Capture Interactive Retrieve (v1.00)
OmniCX Query Builder contains the dll references used in dynamic query builders for reporting, segmentation.
OmniCX Barcode encapsulates the 3rd party barcode library for Internal use only.