Top 20 NuGet odachi Packages

ASP.NET Core jsonrpc middleware.
ASP.NET Core middleware for basic authentication.
Object validation library.
Helpers for code generation.
E-mail template based on `Razor`.
Role/Permission definition helpers. This is just a proof of concept, usage is not recommended.
Alternative way to structure MVC projects.
Gettext file parsing library.
ASP.NET MVC extensions and helpers.
Abstractions used across Odachi framework.
Annotations used across Odachi framework.
TypeScript code generator.
Helpers to translate razor templates to c#.
Code description library.
Collection extensions. Includes paging and sorting.
MSBuild task to transform razor templates to c#.
Common classes of `JsonRpc.Client` and `Odachi.AspNetCore.JsonRpc`.
Reflection extensions. Includes awaitable detection and execution helpers.
Formatting extensions. Includes word splitting and casing changes.
Code description providers for `Odachi.Validation`.