Top 20 NuGet odachi Packages

ASP.NET Core middleware for basic authentication.
E-mail template based on `Razor`.
ASP.NET MVC extensions and helpers.
Alternative way to structure MVC projects.
Gettext file parsing library.
Role/Permission definition helpers. This is just a proof of concept, usage is not recommended.
Annotations used across Odachi framework.
Helpers to translate razor templates to c#.
ASP.NET Core jsonrpc middleware.
Primitives extensions. Includes entity reference, file reference.
Helpers for code generation.
Object validation library.
Command line interface for `Odachi.Localization.Extraction`.
Reflection extensions. Includes awaitable detection and execution helpers.
Code description providers for `Odachi.Validation`.
Abstractions used across Odachi framework.
TypeScript code generator.
Collection extensions. Includes paging and sorting.
Code description providers for `Odachi.AspNetCore.JsonRpc`.
Code description library.