Top 20 NuGet nuspec Packages

NuGet explorer library.
NuGet explorer library.
TeGun (NuGet reversed) is a simple, yet handy cross-platform(.netcore) commandline-utility for creating nuget packages (nupkg) from a bunch of ordinary, unpackaged assemblies.
MainBrain build nuspec project extension.
A bootstrapper for NuGet packages
A Powershell module for building and NuGet-packing .Net projects. A convenient and easy to use module for those who need to package projects but don't have a full blown continuous-integration environment to do it for them.
A powershell script to help developers package and publish NuGet specifications. It looks for any/all nuspec files in a directory and packages them then publishes them to the designated feed. Can be used to copy them toa local directory for localhost-testing (before any pushes up to a live feed).
Common functionality for working with NuGet.
This is a test by NuGet Package Explorer
Package containing target for making NuGet packages
.NET Standard library for reading nuget nuspec manifest files.
This is an example of a nuspec file
Koshu plugin for NuGet related tasks
Tool to auto-generate BCL package nuspec dependencies for CoreCLR projects
A tool to naively modify nuspecs
Generates a .nuspec file for a NuGet tools package from a Visual Studio 2017 console app project.
Bumpy is a tool to manipulate version information across multiple files found in the current working directory using a configuration file which consists of glob patterns and regular expressions.
Package description
Cake AddIn for the version management command line tool Bumpy
Adds MSBuild targets to C# projects that rewrite "version" tag of the $(ProjectName).nuspec file found at the root of the project's directory, using the most recent version from the VSpec.json file also located at the root of the project.