Top 20 NuGet nrecoframework Packages

NRecoFramework: commons library for delegate adapters (partial delegate application, lazy delegate proxy), runtime type converters (adapters for collections, lists, dictionaries), lambda parser.
NReco WebForms application infrastructure
NReco.Application integrates external dependencies (NI.Ioc,Mvp.Xml,Log4Net,NReco) and provides basic NReco application context.
NReco data DSM for data layer configuration (based on NI.Data)
Extension to WebForms DSM: VFS-based file controls
Extension to NReco WebForms DSM: condition builder editor
Extension for NReco.Dsm.WebForms: bootstrap controls and layout
NReco.Application.Web provides common infrastructure for ASP.NET application.
NReco Console Application for invoking actions configured with IoC container.
Extension for NReco.Dsm.WebForms.Boostrap: Summernote wysiwyg editor
NReco XML models processor MSBuild task